Survival Products That May Save Your Life

In today’s world, everything can change in a minute, and a disaster – natural or otherwise – could be around every corner.

The smart person is a prepared person, and we’ve gathered together a few amazing new products that will ensure you are always prepared – in case on an accident, widespread power grid failures, and anything else that may happen.

These products are all on the cutting edge of technology, and some are of limited availability due to explosive popularity. But as of today, you can still get them, and thanks to our research, at the best deals too.
Enjoy, and stay vigilant!

1. 1Tac Roadside Survival – The World’s Best Safety Flare

1Tac is a breakthrough emergency road flare that can be seen up to 5,000 feet away, even in the rain and fog. This ensures that, in the event of a flat or breakdown, you and your loved ones will be seen by oncoming traffic (and rescue workers too).

According to the National Highway Association, more than 1,000 people die each year getting hit after a breakdown or flat tire. The road’s shoulder is not a safe place to be, but Haylo can ensure that oncoming traffic is alerted with plenty of time and distance to spare. Battery operated with 24 Ultra-Bright LED Lights, Haylo is much easier to use than conventional “flame” flares, and many times brighter. Buy them for every car in your household, and rest easier.

2. Trusty Charge – Your Best Friend When the Grid Goes Down

When the lights go out, Trusty Charge goes to work, making sure you can stay connected, see in the dark, and also get the latest news. It’s an all-in-one survival workshop, with 3 powerful LED lights, an AM/FM radio with antenna, and USB charge ports, ensuring your phones and devices stay charged.
The best part is the Trusty Charge makes its own power two different ways – via a solar panel, and also with a hand crank. So even in the middle of the night, you can have instant power with a few cranks. Weatherproof and splash-proof, this tough little dude will have your back in any emergency (or just a simple camping trip or day at the beach – Trusty Charge is pretty handy there too!) Buy one for yourself, and another as a great gift!

3. CrashSafe – The 6-in-1 Vehicle Emergency Lifesaver!

It’s this simple: No vehicle should be without a CrashSafe. It’s literally a Swiss army knife of vehicle safety, and does just about everything. To start, it’s a USB car-charger and a backup power bank, so your devices will always be charged and ready to go. For nighttime, you’ve got a powerful LED flashlight. And if there’s an emergency, you can switch the flashlight to RED to alert others that you need help.

The above makes it an indispensable part of any vehicle. But CrashSafe really shines in a true emergency. The patented metal pin can smash a car window, and it’s also a seat-belt cutter. Together, these ensure a quick escape from a burning or submerged vehicle (or helping someone out of a vehicle). Yes, we don’t want to think about that, but a CrashSafe is the ultimate insurance against “what if?” Buy one for yourself, and one for every driver in your house.

4. Dusk Till Dawn Bulb – Instant Light When The Power Goes Out

We’ve all been there – you hear that “pop”, and then blackness. The power went out, and now you must haphazardly stumble around in the dark and find a flashlight. And hope you don’t fall or trip. It’s a dangerous time, for certain.

But not if you have a few Dusk Till Dawn Bulbs installed. These LED lightbulbs look (and act) like a normal lightbulb, but with one awesome difference – they also have a backup battery that is constantly charging. So when the power goes out, they stay on (for up to six hours!)

You can install these in place of any standard lightbulb – they work great, with money-saving LED technology. But you’ll really see the difference when the power goes out (and wow, what a difference!) They even come with a handy holder and hook, so you can carry one and hang it up for hands-free light. Get a few in your home and never fear a power outage again.

5. Roadside Hero – The Versatile 9-in-1 Survival Flashlight

Listen, first responders know. They know safety, and they know the best tools to carry in any emergency. And that’s why so many first responders carry the Roadside Hero – it simply does everything. No wonder it has sold more than 1 MILLION UNITS in just 4 months.

So what does it do? How about a super powerful 200 lumen LED flashlight for starters? Then add in the following: a glass breaker, a seat belt cutter, a solar cell for solar charging, a USB phone charger, a red SOS light, a white work light, a magnet, and even a compass. It’s all powered by a built-in 2,000 mAh rechargeable battery that doubles as a backup charger.

We’ve yet to see a better all-in-one safety and survival product. And they are going fast – get yours today!

6. EFX LED Multicolored Light

Ok, maybe this won’t save your life, but it will save your home and gardens from looking drab. And it just might save your party too! Because this super-cool LED light is multicolored, remote controlled, and waterproof. That last part is completely awesome, because this means you can put it in the bathtub, fish tank, fountain, hot tub, or even your pool. Yea!

The EFX is remote controlled, with a ridiculous amount of options, like 16 different colors and all kinds of fade or color-change selections. It will ensure you have awesomely cool lighting anywhere you want – it takes all of 30 seconds to set up, and is powered by 3 AAA batteries, so it’s ready to party anytime you are. Kick back and chillax with this awesome light, and don’t forget a few to give as gifts, because it’s just_that_cool!

7. 1Hydro Chill Bottle – Stay Fresh Even In The Hottest Summer Days!

A stainless steel powder coated exterior and neoprene interior protects your drink from breaking AND keeps it ice cold! You can take the 1Hydro Chill into the pool and on boats without worrying about broken glass too! Chill has a stainless screw top to seal your bottle and an attached bottle opener.

8. Protect Yourself From The Most Deadly Animal, Without Using Harmful Chemicals…

It’s no surprise this anti-mosquito gadget is a viral seller, with more extremely painful and potentially fatal diseases and viruses being spread by mosquitos each year, its time you protected yourself properly from the flying killers!

Mosquitron uses clever harmless UV lights to attract the pests near enough. Then a powerful vacuum sucks them into a prison where they are dried to death…

9. HAYLO HD 2800 Spotlight – The Brightest Flashlight in the World

Police, Firefighters, and First Responders depend on having the highest quality flashlight to keep themselves safe and to save the people they are helping. If their equipment fails during an emergency then lives are at risk. That’s why they don’t settle for anything but the best.

Now you can get the ultra-bright, rechargeable, and dependable HD 2800 flashlight from the same manufacturer that police, firefighters, and first responders get theirs.

The HD 2800 is an ultra-bright, L.E.D. flashlight engineered to exceed the power of any other flashlight.